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Birthday Parties in Melbourne, the options?

Once you have made a decision to run a kids birthday party, you then have to organise it and make sure that all the children's families are contacted. The kids will need to be sent invitations and that's after you have decided which children are to be invited and the like. Sometimes it can be a bit political for the adults as they decide who to include in the party guest list and who to leave out.
Here at melbournechildrensparty.com.au we are keen to use our experience in kids and parties to help you make the experience simpler and more successful for all.
Key elements in any party are the venue, the food, the entertainment and the birthday party gifts for the children.
Venue – For most people this is at home. But sometimes this may be too small, or you simply don't fancy the concept of a dozen or more hyped up kids running around the house wrecking things. The backyard is a good alternative, especially if the weather isn't too hot or too cold. Of course in Melbourne, Victoria, nothing is certain when it comes to the weather! If you work for a corporate or big company, you may be able to use a work venue or facility and get the kids away from the house and without the cost of hiring a hall or kinder for the day.
Within Melbourne lots of kindergartens and smaller schools will have halls to hire for parties and other events. also. With your venue decided you are ready to party!
Food – While most people are lazy and go for party pies, sausage rolls and fairy bread, healthy alternatives do have advantages, even if cost isn't one of them. The childhood obesity epidiemic is in part due to the frequency with which kids go to parties and the amount of junk food they eat at these places.
While getting another person's kids overweight isn't your problem, the reaction of kids to some of the chemicals in junk food may be. You'll find the kids generally better behaved if you steer clear of the likes of lollies, red cordial and other chemical fixes!
Another thing to be mindful of is the risk of allergic reactions of kids to certain foods. While most parents will warn you of issues, this is sometimes overlooked, so anything that throws up a red-flag for allergies, such as nuts, are probably best avoided.
Entertainment – this is really the critical part of a kid's birthday party, as kids are not like adults in that they can be happy standing around and doing nothing but talking.
The kids will usually want to be engaged in some kind of activity or otherwise entertained by someone. These days most kids parties have some kind of theme or outside professional to do the entertaining. While cost is always an issue, most alternatives are affordable to most people and while DIY appeals to many, the savings are often illusionary, after you factor your own costs of buying in materials and the time spent preparing. Most parents are aware of this and prefer to outsource the entertainment to ease the workload and give themselves a greater chance of success at giving the kids the best party they possibly can.
While options for party themes are varied, better known ones include fairy parties, TV heros, magicians, ballerinas, and gymnastics. Jumping castles are great for kids under the age of five, but for older kids they really do want something slightly more intellectually stimulating. Wildlife shows and animals at kids parties have been popular since time begun, although in Australia, the idea of wildlife at childrens birthday parties is relatively new, because for some years the practice was banned by law.
Since the publication of the Smuggled books in 1993 and 1996, both by Raymond Hoser, the laws were amended to allow wildlife displays to enter kindergartens and even kids birthday parties. More recently, Raymond Hoser, better known in Melbourne as the Snake Man invented the idea of the reptile party, whereby kids and adults can learn about wildlife in the fun setting of a party.
Reptile Parties by Raymond Hoser and his able staff are the only wildlife shows in Melbourne that allow the children to hold the reptiles and other animals as opposed to show and tell displays by newer and less experienced companies. There is a world of difference between the two kinds of shows.
Birthday Party Gifts – kids love to get things and nothing is better than an experience they will remember for life. This is why reptile parties are now one of the most popular kids parties in Melbourne. Party bags are now illegal under the Victorian Food Act, a law enacted after a series of child deaths involving kids eating lollies they were allergic to.
However one gift that a birthday child remember is getting the best reptile book ever written, authored by the snakeman himself on a CD-rom along with 8 other definitive books by Raymond Hoser and hundreds of major papers and articles on reptiles and wildlife, enabling the reptile party experience to continue long after the birthday party is over. party bags.

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