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Kids parties in Melbourne, useful tips to keep the children entertained?

From experience, kids won't be settling down before they have entertainment at the party.
If the entertainer doesn't arrive at the same time as the kids, then you may have little rascals destroying your house even before you have settled in yourself!
In other words try to schedule the arrival of the entertainment at the same time as the kids. Uusually things happen so fast, that everyone arrives at much the same time and before the children get a chance to breathe, your entertainer is doing their work at keeping the children occupied.
Yes, part of having a party with screaming young kids is a damage control exercise.
You don't want them wrecking the place and if your kids are otherwise engaged, you are likely to have minimal damage to deal with.
Time the food so it is ready as soon as the entertainment is finished so that it is a seamless transition.
That way you again reduce the risk of the kids going feral and wrecking your venue, be it your house or someone else's place.
If noisy kids are a problem, feeding them is the best part as when they are eating they are usually quiet.

Reptile Parties in Melbourne.

Reptile parties are one of the best ways to get Melbourne kids really excited! Most people are animal lovers, even if they don't admit it. Australian native wildlife is even more popular than the domestic kind and both children and adults will be enthralled at the number and diversity of snakes, lizards, frogs, crocodiles and more that will turn up at a reptile party. The Snake Man Raymond Hoser trademarked reptile parties because he invented the modern concept in the late 1960's before they were banned in the early 1970's. Of course this is significant as he has more experience with reptile displays than anyone else in the wildlife business in Australia. Also it's important to note significant differences to the real reptile parties by Hoser and his team versus those of less experienced outfits.
Hoser's version allows all the children to hold the animals and most can't get enough of this. Imitators refuse to allow hands-on with reptiles citing various excuses such as the animals may bite, they are diseased or that handling causes too much stress for the animals. In reality all the excuses are just that, excuses and none have much truth in them. The reptiles seen at kids birthday parties in Melbourne are multi-generation captive born and bred animals who are well adjusted and used to being handled by people. They take in in their stride. Kids are shown the correct way to treat and handle animals and as a result the welfare of all the snakes, lizards and other reptiles and frogs is assured
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Unwanted snakes in Melbourne.

This isn't when a snake is left behind by the handler at a reptile display, but rather when a native snake turns up in the yard to ruin the party! In Melbourne all species locally occurring are venomous and therefore should only be handled by an experienced reptile handler. Snake control is a risky business and therefore snake relocation and reptile removal should be left to the experts. The leading snake removal snake catchers in Melbourne at

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